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Title:     Army mistakes
Date:      Wed Apr 18 16:50:40 2001

+---------------- Bizarre Military Mishaps ----------------+ 

Two U.S. Air Force F-15s shoot down two U.S. Army helicopters 
on a diplomatic mission over Iraq, mistaking them for hostile 
aircraft in the "no-fly zone," killing 26 people. No one was

found criminally responsible.  

A "siesta" ordered by Mexican General Antonio Lopez de
Anna to his troops during a conflict between the Mexicans and 
Texans caused the infantry to be overtaken in just 18 minutes. 

Fort Douaumont at Verdun in France was captured in 1916 by 
a single German soldier after French General Chretien forgot 
to pass on orders to defend the fort to the last man to his

The Russians tried to wreak havoc on German Panzer divisions
during the WWII by strapping bombs to the backs of dogs and 
teaching them to associate food with the underneath of their 
enemies' tanks. Unfortunately, the dogs only associated food 
with their own tanks and forced an entire Soviet division to 

Probably the most famous mistake in U.S. military history 
occurred in the Civil War, when Confederate Gen. Stonewall 
Jackson was mistakenly shot by one of his own troops after 
the Confederate triumph at Chancellorsville. 
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