Posted By: Jiri (Zip) on 'Humor'
Title:     Tea spoon
Date:      Fri Jun  1 20:40:49 2001

Two couples had gone away for the weekend. The two guys, Jack and Bill, have 
decided to try to persuade their wives to do a bit of partner swapping for 
the night. After several drinks that night they succeed. 

Jack knows it's that time of the month for his wife and the thought of Bill 
not knowing this makes him smile. The guys agreed that when they sit around 
the breakfast table the following morning, they will tap their teaspoons on 
the side of their coffee mug the number of times that they did it with each 
other's wives. 

The next morning they are all at the breakfast table, slightly hungover and 
quite uncomfortable, when Jack proudly taps his teaspoon 3 times against his 
coffee mug. 

After a brief moment of thinking, Bill takes his teaspoon and taps it once on 
the strawberry jam and 3 times on the peanut butter! 

  Murphy's Law : If anything can go wrong, it'll go wrong.
   momentalne student VSE Praha

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