Posted By: Radoomek (Hunting luck ...) on 'Humor'
Title:     Neni dobre se na webu vytahovat prodejem drog:)
Date:      Fri Jan 17 15:12:53 2003

If you were a drug dealer, would you go round boasting about it on
FriendsReunited? No? Then you're cleverer than a gentleman called
Raymond Casling, a 24-year-old from Teeside. He included these words
in his profile on the site: "I'm doing very well. I'm selling a
lot of charlie in Redcar and I've got three sports cars."

Oops. The police - who were already suspicious of Casling's lavish
lifestyle - needed no further proof of the source of his ill-gotten
gains, and swiftly arrested him. He has now been jailed for three
years. Idiot.
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