Posted By: Neuromancer (... bright eyes ...) on 'Humor'
Title:     Michael Berheide's Brief Guide to Revision
Date:      Wed Apr 30 08:05:22 2003

1. Avoid redundancy. It should be avoided. It is repetitive and
   redundant; that is, redundancy should not be used. So stay away
   from redundancy and repetitiveness.

2. Personally attacking the proponent of an argument does not refute
   the argument, you idiot.

3. There are two types of people in the world: those who continually
   divide people of the world into two types, and those who do
   not. Try to belong to the latter type, and avoid

4. Always check for spelin erors.

5. Try to keep, somewhere near the predicate of your sentence, so the
   reader does not have to look all over it, your object.

6. I really don't think that your personal feelings should be used as
   if they were arguments - it just doesn't seem right.

7. It is not advisable to ever split infinitives.

8. I really don't know whether to tell you to be "wishy-washy" or
   not. Some say yes, others say no. Who's to decide?

9. If you had not made your verb tense agree, you will have wished
   that you do.

10. Fragmented sentences: no good. And this sentence no verb.

11. Some people think that simply stating the converse of an argument
    refutes it, but this is not true.

12. Don't you think that asking lots of rhetorical questions is silly?

13. One should assiduously strive to disencumber an exposition of
    obfuscatory and vestigial verbiage.

14. Colloquialism and trite expressions should be avoided like the
    plague. And it is not hip to use the slang, either.

15. Avoid redundancy. It should be avoided. It is repetitive and
    redundant, so avoid it.
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