Posted By: Neuromancer (... bright eyes ...) on 'Humor'
Date:      Wed Jun 11 15:34:44 2003

Woa...So Wearing A Tie Like Yours Is Optional Right?

Can We Hurry This Up? Cause I'm Suposed To Meet My
Dealer At 2:00

The Last Time I Got Fired I Pissed In The Water Cooler
And Slashed The Bosses Tires

Would Coming Into Work One Or Two Hours Late Three Or
Four Times A week Be A Problem?

Hey...Can I Piss Out Your Window And See If I Can Hit
Anybody Walking By Down Below?

(referring to the framed picture of a lady on his
desk) So Who's The Cunt?

(referring to the framed picture of a teenaged girl
next to the other one on his desk) Hey!!! I Met Her
Once, She Aint Worth A Fuck But She Sure Can Suck Cock

So That No Smoking Sign Means Just Cigarettes Right?

Lunch From Noon 'Till 3:00 Is Cool Isn't It?

So Does Your Secretary Bang Everybody In The Office,
Or Just You?

I Sure Hope My Office Is Bigger Than This This One

What The Fuck Is The Internet?

Wanna Just Blow Off Work Friday And Go To That Tool
Concert With Me Thursday Night?

Would You Drop Off These Porn Tapes At The Video Store
For Me On Your Way Home?

That Bitchy Old Hag That Lives Next Door To Me Is Your

Will I Have A little Fridg Like That One, Or Can I
Just Keep My Beer In Yours?

We Don't Have To Come In If It's Raining...Right?

Taxes? Ya Know...It Would Just Be Easyer If You Paid
Me In Cash

I Was Thinking I Could Make All My Long Distance Calls
While I'm At Work And Save A Shitload On My Phone Bill

Wanna Clear Some Of These Stupid Papers Off Your Desk
So We Can Do A Couple Lines Before I Go?

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