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Title:     Allen Funt
Date:      Thu Sep 16 14:19:17 1999

For those that don't know this name, many of us .. ahem.. baby boomer era
still laugh at some of his practical jokes he would play on people when they
least expected them.  He is best linked with the phrase "Smile, you are on
Candid Camera".

I was reading the "Globe" tabloid today.  While I don't normally believe most
of the stories in them, they can often be funny.  Such is the article about
Allen Funt.  The following is an exert from that article:

Once, when Allen was a passenger on a flight that was hijacked to Cuba,
fellow fliers thought it was a stunt.  They all burst out laughing when they
recognized him.

"I tried to tell those around me they weren't on Candid Camera, but no one
took me seriously," Allen recalled.  "Our flight landed in Cuba with the
passengers laughing all the way!  Luckily no one was hurt.

Sheri Note...

Have you had a good laugh today?  Not only is it important to laugh, it's very
needed to your physical well being as well as your emotional well being too.
I know that when I am sitting around the dinner table with friends and we are
laughing, once done with dinner my stomach has digested the food much easier
than if I hadn't.

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