Posted By: medved (A~z na v~eky Mikov~ce.) on 'Humor'
Title:     Exotic Pet
Date:      Sun Jun  4 10:23:45 2006

A young lady went to her local pet store in search of an exotic pet. 

She spotted a box full of frogs with a sign that said "Sex Frogs $20. 

Complete instructions included. Money Back Guarantee!" The girl hooked around 
to see if anyone was watching her and whispered softly to the man behind the 

"I'll take one." 

As soon as she closed the door to her apartment, she read the instructions: 

1. Take a shower 

2. Splash on some nice smelling perfume 

3. Slip into a very sexy teddy 

4. Crawl into bed and place the frog on the bed 

Following the instructions exactly, she quickly got into bed with the frog. 
Nothing happened. 

The girl was totally frustrated and quite upset. She reread the instructions 
and noticed at the bottom of the paper it said, 

If you have any problems or questions, please call the pet store." 

She called and was told by the salesman, "I had some complaints earlier 

I'll be right over" Within five minutes he rang doorbell and was welcomed in. 

"See, I've done everything according to the instructions and the damn thing 
just sits there," said the frustrated girl. 

The salesman picked up the frog, stared directly into its eyes and said 
"Listen up frog. I'm only going to show you how to do this one more time!"



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