Posted By: tdr (smrt trotlum) on 'Humor'
Title:     Frozen but still smiling
Date:      Fri Jan  9 09:53:48 2009

E-mail from our Dutch customer:


ps. how is it with the heating in Brno/CZ? Do you notice any impact from the 
measures that Russia has taken?

Kind regards,

And the aswer from my coleague:

Heating in Brno?  Damn!
It is very difficult and taking a long time for me to write an emails in my 
gloves I have put on. I can hardly see and read your emails. It is good 
cooling for Intel Pentium but my LCD crystals are getting frozen and they 
refuse to move! ...small bastards!
Right now, we are doing some movement exercise together to get us at least a 
bit warmer... and waiting for our secretary to bring us small cup of hot tea 
that she makes outside in fireplace common for all companies in these 
building complex. Thanks God we have large forest beyond the town.. so we can 
ask somebody who has horses to take us some good amount of wood for our 
We are still quite OK, but thank's for asking :-))
Truth: No impact for us yet. We have many backup gas reservoirs in CR... so 
we still have gas for another 40 days approx. even when Russia stops their 
gas. Poor Bulgarians >> no gas, no reservoirs.

Nejlepsi polevka je pivo !!!
                                                       tdr, v.r.

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