Posted By: JiMo (I'm flyiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!) on 'Humor'
Title:     Re: Decision
Date:      Wed May 19 16:15:30 2010

> I can't see an end.
> I have no control and I don't think there's any escape
> I don't even have a home anymore
> ...
> Definitely time for a new keyboard.

Nice. Very nice. :)))

Which reminds me: a girl is sitting at a bar. One well-dressed gentleman comes 
to her and introduces him: "Bond. James Bond." 
She look at him and replies: "Off. Fuck off."

And I have here one link with Bill and Steve. A set of jokes about (and on) 
them packed in one tiny box with a nice ribbon. :)


...dite tak dlouho posloucha, jak mu vsichni rikaji ta-ta, ta-ta, ta-ta,
    az se nastve a rekne "tata".
([driv tady byla signatura, kterou stejne asi uz nikdo nechapal])

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