Posted By: ufi (Ufi) on 'Humor'
Title:     Little Johnny's Exciting Story
Date:      Mon Mar  1 12:00:04 1999

The teacher, Mrs. Brown, gave Little Johnny's class an assigment for
Monday. She told the students to report to the class something exciting
that had happened at home over the weekend..

So on Monday, Mrs. Brown asked if the students had any exciting stories to
tell. All the kids in class raised their hands. So Mrs. Brown decided to
call on each student to make the presentation. Knowing Little Johnny could
be quite mischievous, Mrs. Brown did not call on him until he was the last
kid to present his story.

"Okay, Little Johnny," said the teacher reluctantly. "You may present your
exciting story."

When Little Johnny went to the front of the classroom, he headed straight
for the blackboard. He took up a chalk and pressed it against the
blackboard leaving a white dot. After putting down the chalk, Little
Johnny went back to his seat without saying a word.

Bewildered, Mrs. Brown asked Little Johnny to explain what he had just

Little Johnny said calmly, "That's just a period."

Still confused, Mrs. Brown said, "What's so exciting about a period?"

"I don't know," replied Little Johnny. "But when my older sister said she
missed one, my father had a heart attack, my mother became hysterical and
the lady next door shot her husband dead."



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