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Title:     The more languages...
Date:      Wed Mar 17 08:17:21 1999

you know, the more confusing it all can be :-)

I've got a real story which happened yesterday. Apart from English, I also 
study French... these two languages use sometimes the same words (with 
different pronunciation, of course :-) and that's it!

I was working on a reading test assignment in my French class. There was a 
question... When does the story take place (spring, summer, autumn, winter)?
I scanned the article for key words...le vent = wind..yes..l'ombrelle, that 
should be an umbrella... it's autumn then! 

I handed the test in to have it corrected by my tutor. Suddenly, he started to 
laugh...and said: "I think you mixed up English with French here." I gave him 
a blank look and looked up the word 'ombrelle' in the dict... it says 
'sunshade' :-) No wonder I thought it was autumn...because of an 
'ombrelle'..alleged umbrella :-))). The reverse was true...the right answer 
was summer :-) 

Sometimes, knowing more languages can confuse you rather than help 
you :-) This is a good example... au revoir, mes amis!

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