Posted By: Suzanne (Freedom for Tibet!) on 'Humor'
Title:     Old woman
Date:      Thu Mar 18 14:49:12 1999

The wealthy wife of a very successful Jewish businessman
went to the portrait artist for her first sitting. The portrait,
a gift for her husband. She explained to the artist what she wanted:
"You should paint me like I am. These little wrinkles, you put them on
your canvas. The lines under my eyes, the flab on my arms, the turn in
my nose, and the mole on my cheek, they all stay....BUT on my hands
you put lots of rings with big diamonds and emeralds and bright
jewels. Around my neck you put chains of gold and diamonds. Do you

The artist looked at her in earnest and asked why she should
want such detail of real life in her physical appearance, but
adorn herself with the phony jewelry.

She replied: "When I die my husband will re-marry. The new
wife, she should go crazy looking for the jewels".

          Some folks sit and think, others just sit.

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