Posted By: ufi (Ufi) on 'Humor'
Title:     Rough little guy
Date:      Thu Mar 25 14:20:35 1999

Rough little guy

A single women is tired of one night stands that never end up in real
relations. As she is complaining about it to her friend, she gets a piece
of advice about how to handle men : "You know under their rough
appearances, men are very sensitive! You have to reach that soft side of
them to keep them."

The single woman promises to her friend that she will try to do that the
next time she goes out with a guy.

When she finally gets a guy and sleeps with him, she thinks it's time to
put her friend's advice into practice. So she turns to her lover who's
still lying in the bed and says, "Hey honey! What would you like to call
the little guy when I get pregnant?"

The guy first looks at her horrified but then shows a big smile on his
face. He stands up, takes the used condom that he put on the side, throws
bleach on it, ties it with a triple sailor knot, and finally throws it in
the lavatory and flushes the toilet.

He then looks back at the woman and says, "If he gets out of there, call
him MacGyver!"



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