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Title:     It Coulda Been Worse
Date:      Tue May 18 13:12:00 1999

It Coulda Been Worse

        Two deputy sheriffs were at the crime scene investigating a
gruesome double murder-suicide. They were in the bedroom where the
crimes had been committed. On the kingsize bed, there lay a naked man
who was shot in the head while beside the bed lay a dead woman who was
also naked and shot in the heart. By the bedroom door lay the woman's
husband who had a bullet hole in the head and had a revolver in his
right hand. 
        Deputy Sheriff Johnson said, "Hmmm it looked to me like that
woman was having an afternoon delight with that man in bed when her
husband walked in and shot them both dead out of rage and jealousy. The
husband then turned the gun on himself - maybe out of guilt or grief for
what he had done." 
        Nodding his head as if in agreement, Deputy Sheriff Mead said,
"Not a pretty sight. Let's wait for Sheriff Brown before we get these
bodies to the morgue." 
        While waiting for the sheriff, Deputy Sheriff Johnson said, "I
wonder what the sheriff would say about all this?" 
        "Like what he always says," replied Deputy Sheriff Mead.
"Something like 'It coulda been worse.'" 
        "What? How could anything be worse than this?" 
        "Well, all I can say is that's what the sheriff would probably
        "Hell! I'm willing to bet ten dollars that the sheriff won't be
saying that." 
        "Okay you're on!" 
        A few minutes later, Sheriff Brown walked into the bedroom and
surveyed the crime scene. When Deputy Sheriff Mead briefed him on the
situation, Sheriff Brown shook his head and said, "Well, boys. It coulda
been worse." 
        Deputy Sheriff Mead cast a furtive look at Deputy Sheriff
Johnson who then spoke up, "Aww, Sheriff, how can you say that? What
could be worse than this?" 
        Taking his hat off to scratch his head, Sheriff Brown sheepishly
said, "Well, for one thing, I could have been that dead guy on the bed
had her husband walked in here yesterday." 



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