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Title:     Missing Brandy
Date:      Tue May 18 13:13:29 1999

Missing Brandy

        Mr. Harris was complaining to his brother that someone in his
household had been drinking his most expensive brandy on the sly
everyday but he had no idea as to who the culprit was. So they discussed
the list of usual suspects. They discounted Mr. Harris' chauffeur as he
was with Mr. Harris all the time. They also left out Mr. Harris'
housecleaning maid who came to clean the house only thrice a week. So
they narrowed the list down to Mr. Harris' manservant Hop Sing since Hop
Sing had access to the den where the brandy was kept. They then
discussed ways on how to deal with this. 
        The brother then suggested this to Mr. Harris, "Why don't you
replace the brandy with your urine? That should teach the bugger a
lesson." This suggestion Mr. Harris found attractive. So he took the
bottle of brandy and emptied the contents to another container. Then he
urinated into the bottle and placed this in the den. 
        Sure enough, the contents of the bottle were reduced the next
day. Mr. Harris was sure that the pilfering would stop at last. However,
for the next four days, there was a steady reduction in the bottle's
contents. Frustrated, Mr. Harris decided to confront Hop Sing. 
        Mr. Harris said angrily, "Hop Sing! I cannot tolerate your
drinking my brandy on the sly. This has got to stop!" 
        "Oh no kind master!" pleaded Hop Sing. "I never drink brandy.
Aye yah! I only use brandy to cook master's dinner every night!" 



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