Posted By: Bennie (Sad :() on 'Poetry'
Title:     Because of love
Date:      Tue May  9 08:19:38 1995

   Because of love

That's my vision
in my dreams this week
she is not from television
and she doesn't want to speak

I have met this beauty
about 18 month ago
now everything is duty
and days of my life go

Her picture wonderful
cut deep in my heart
how could i be so fool
and haven't died at start?

My love is strong
but she is like stone
was breakin' my backbone
leaving me alone

How could i cancel
thinking of her
do i have cancer?
why? it isn't fair

My heart is broken
my emotions died
so tell my how to alive
without being bad

I have a feeling
my hate is so strong
i am so sorry to you
who are me along

I see no future
grey clouds that's all
sitting here like salt sculpture
or eating only dry flour.


p.s. sorry about so sad words, but i just feel it this way

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