Posted By: Emilio (Mattoni) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Anytime.....
Date:      Wed Jul  5 10:41:46 1995

This poem I wrote when I was 19.


Anytime I see your face
I can't define such a grace
That you were given from the Gods
And did not become a hoax.

Anytime I see your neck,
For which I would go for a long trek,
I have strong urges to touch that piece of honey
For which I would pay any money.

Anytime I see your shoulders
Which you touch with your little fingers
I envy them their soft touch
Which I would like to do so much.

Anytime I see your breasts,
They are like your body's tags.
I can dream about flood of your emotions
But they will be just my notions.

Anytime I see your hips,
Such as your lips,
Which I would like to kiss
And.....never miss!

Anytime I see your thights
I would lead for them many fights.
They are the best I have evr seen;
They are elastic and beatifully lean.

Anytime I see your ankles
Perfectly bent to the finest angles,
I am unconscious.
Shortly, your beauty is infectious.

Anytime I see your toes,
My head to madness goes.
You are to blame for it
That I see youu just like a kit.

Anytime I see YOU,
It has got a big value.
I can admire you.
Listen darling,

"This poem was written for the one who has never loved me and she never will."

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