Posted By: Thriller ((depressed)) on 'Poetry'
Title:     The End
Date:      Wed Jul  5 22:14:39 1995

The End

Scream thy last scream
before you die
before you'll go
give a last cry
In your last days
you don't have to behave
the body is lost
thus soul shall be saved.

Moan thy last moan
Condemn the pain
The pain that's inside
The pain you can't feel
The pain no medic
will ever explain.

Breathe thy last breath
from your cold heart
to produce a dew
on funeral wreath.

For days or for weeks
more dead than alive
do thy last step
just to ensure
the existent state.

The poem was born
In few minutes time
damned fucking crap
no rythm no rime
the author is dead
his soul is for rent
with comitted crimes
this is The End.


 "This is not a catastrophic scenario. It's just a description
  of real contemporary situation."

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