Posted By: Thriller (..depressed?) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Pop Song Of The Modern
Date:      Sun Jul 16 12:38:25 1995

I'm gonna die in the sunset
when a day breaks off the night
I'm gonna die in the morning
when the day starts in a light

If you don't mind I will just fly
and birds will sing a serenade
That's what I expect from life
on happiest and very last day

I will give out all my sex toys
burn'em after I said Bye
'cause if I told you that I liked'em
believe me it was a lie

Then will I burn all my memories
old letters, bottles of wine
spit on the packet of photos
of girls that will never be mine

I'm gonna die in the sunset
Morn' is the time of the shy
I'm pretty sure no one will miss me
and I won't have to apologize

I'm gonna die in the morning
Please do not put me in grave
Just spread all my ashs over country
possible tears try to save

Save your tears
don't shave your head.
Why the hell you should be sad?
It's just another desperate!
For him is best to be dead.

Sarcasm is what always counts
Respect's a serious threat.

 "This is not a catastrophic scenario. It's just a description
  of real contemporary situation."

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