Posted By: Suzanne (InLoveWithUniverse...) on 'Poetry'
Title:     To Thriller ...
Date:      Mon Aug 28 17:07:17 1995

... who was my favourite poet ... 

How was it?
Can you just tell me?
I was wondering every night
As I was reading through your poems
How it would be like
When I was learning your poems by heart
Seeing you standing where I once stood 

And I hoped that you would be as week as I am 
And won't do that

Now you are there where nothing hurts -- 
at least that's what people say
And I wish you good luck 
And laughter
And happiness
And very merry Christmaas
And all the things 
You wanted on the Earth
And didn't dare to take

I wish you good luck
On your way
Up there
                  Still more questions than answers...

                               *  SUE  * 
    ***  I am the one who walks with the tender and growing night... *** 

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