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Title:     Afterlife
Date:      Wed Sep  6 08:31:08 1995

    This song is dedicated to Thriller ... may he find the peace in the 
another world ...
    Note: If you find this text strange, remember it's the text of the song, 
not a poem.

Afterlife (dedicated to Thriller)
Music and lyrics: Fencer

How to reach the afterlife ?
A man on a bridge told me how to try.
How to see the higher light ?
A man in the darkness, a pain in his eyes, a caress of the night.

His heart cries for the last wish, the wish he's never said.
The dead one, the shade of dark angel should understand.
I hate the day when you've found out that your death is given,
that it's time to leave.
I know you didn't want me to suffer but I will go mad,
there's nothing to give.

How to reach another world ?
This one was so cruel for you, so hard, so cold.
The girl of your dreams, the only light in the eternal darkness,
the pain that she feels.

How to catch the passing life ?
If you feel like living corpse, like broken knife.
How to run for rising star ?
A stone on his journey of death, a look at the life so far.
"Please, don't be sad", he wrote in his farewell letter,
"note I'm your friend nad my life sucks, yours is much better."

An evening, a tea-room, a light of a candle,
a vision of a full moon, a shade of dark angel.
His last day, his last smile,
his steps on the last way, his fall with a last cry.
His last words: "Give your love to everyone,
it's the best thing on this planet of the yellow sun."

Now he's free, he is the man on the bridge,
so he's found his way how to reach
the afterlife.


I still can't die - maybe there is someone who needs me.
Jeste nemohu zemrit - mozna je tu nekdo, kdo me potrebuje.

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