Posted By: Trpaslik (syn Krale pod Horou) on 'Poetry'
Title:     The Great Awakening
Date:      Wed Sep 27 00:29:57 1995

Hey, this poem in NOT mine, but it is so nice I couldn't resis

                    The Great Awakening

                  As I awoke this morning
               When all sweet things are born,
                A robin perched upon my sill
                 To signal the coming dawn.

             The bird was fragile, young and gay,
                  And sweetly did it sing,
               The thoughts of happiness and joy
                  Into my heart did bring.

              I smiled softly at the cheery song,
             There as it paused, a momoments lull,
                 I gently closed the window
               And crushed its fucking skull.


      With the lights out it's less dangerous...
                                                          Kurt Cobain

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