Posted By: RisingStar (RisingStar) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Our world
Date:      Wed Sep 27 17:53:51 1995

                  Our world
Our world is worst day by day
our bodies are still weaker
you can choose - leave or stay
you are your own speaker
   Blood on your toes
   Blood on your lips
   Blood in your heart
   Your heart is bleeding
   Blood on your shoes
   The bloody strips
   Just teared apart
   From body which's leading
So be care
There's no escape
from world od rape
It's everywhere
It's falling rain
It brings the hate
It brings the pain
Know! - it's your fate

    Some people know the truth.
      ... hard to fly without wings

                                        Rising Star

Our world is worst and worst each day ... Save it, please! We gonna die!

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