Posted By: Pegas (Utapim depresi v INetu...) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Clear mind III.
Date:      Mon Oct 23 12:04:52 1995

The Hell's Door invites me
The God only grins
I didn't but understood him
when I saw my Book of Sins
All good is deleted
All bad underlined
of pen of man-all-created
I know which's God of kind

"You damned God
 You fucking Lord of Fates
 So, do it. I wait
 Do it now!
 Come on! I'm ready!
 Do it do!
 My blood isn't enough?
 My soul is a few?
 Do you want more?
 All the world?
 All bodies? Our bodies?



P.S. Dont be worry, but Sunshine is me ... I can't hide no more.


"Zautoc na svet. Kone nech zit a lidi strilej ..." (Thriller)

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