Posted By: Pegas (Utapim depresi v INetu...) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Clear mind IV.
Date:      Mon Oct 23 12:05:51 1995

I look at mirror
I must loose my senses
This is mind of killer
That insane sentenses

This God's game's
Game with my life
I see him he's bored
I see him with knife
He's finding out
How deep he can pirce
How much can cut
Not to die the piece
Which remains as me
Which lives in pain
Which's weaker and weaker
Which can't explain
Why God's so cruel
Why pink is black
Why world is full
of things you can't back ...

to be continued ... ?

"Zautoc na svet. Kone nech zit a lidi strilej ..." (Thriller)

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