Posted By: Pegas (I'm back, but live.) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Clear mind VI.
Date:      Wed Nov 29 12:33:47 1995

Oh God ...
Is this your voice?
Is this your judgement?
I know you ...

You know my fate is given
You know how close is heaven
You know my wings are bloody
You know blues hold me steady
You know you live forever
You know it's now or never
You know my eyes still cry
You're blind, because I DIE !!!!!

You know that I see black
You don't want to give me back

I know - nobody can change your mind,
so - if you wanna take me, 
please, do it when I will be sleeping
Because I don't like pain.

"I am blind but she leads me (And doesn't know it)"
(My newest poems: Clear mind VI., Kiss of Death, My week, DissIlluSioN, 
 Nelitaj' ke mne holubi; In work: Moon and me, My sunshine)

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