Posted By: Pegas (She's my chocolade star !) on 'Poetry'
Title:     My sunshine
Date:      Wed Dec  6 19:42:34 1995

           208.My sunshine
It will be a long kiss
The longest kiss I ever gave you
I'll return like a king
Your star will shine, no blink
In every night like this
When everyone would slave you
Listen to your heart
The big thing must just starts
I'm fighting for your hope
I believe that it's near you
I must concern the force
To find out, show you source
But we must with it cope
It must be you who steer you
Then - you will see surprise
When you look into my eyes
My love's lying in it
My love believes in future
So - please catch my hand
Show me promised land
It can't end what inits
We are part of nature
'Till my love is strong
I will sing this song.

Our feeling takes it all
No onestanding small
It's love victory, it's our destiny...
(special thanx to ABBA and "Winner takes it all")

"I am blind but she leads me"
(My newest poem: Kiss of Death, My week, DissIlluSioN,  Nelitaj' ke mne 
holubi, My sunshine; In work: Moon and me, Lasce...)

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