Posted By: Gapa (QWERTY) on 'Poetry'
Title:     X.YY.'s curse
Date:      Thu Feb 15 19:42:53 1996

Program Neverending_story;
type name, name_of_pub: string;
var X.Y. :name;
    ZZZ  :name_of_pub;
While beer do begin
In the rift of forgotten years
Full of tatters of scare and veils of dreams
There is one pub - ZZZ its name
And its visitors are still the same
Everyone is in a good moor
Who doesn't drink he is taken for fool
You can see X.Y. thru the window with dirty glass
And in his hand jar of beer made of brass
He's silly smiling over beer's foam
His parents are frightened - alone at home
His house, his castle ZZZ is now
His parents want to lure him back, but they don't know how
In the cellar full of smoke had he his doom met
His lips are swollen and his eyes turned red 
Cold fingers of dawn hold his neck around
When he on his way home digs by snout the ground
Shadow of the phantom reels in the dark
Like losester persued by white shark
His life is gone and he is waiting for his death
His body is on the rags and his mind is mad.

Excuse my poor english and ocassionaly mistypes. 
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