Posted By: Pegas (Depending on Her ...) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Last 'bout you (, German girl)
Date:      Fri Feb 23 11:05:32 1996

11.2.1996        Last 'bout you (, German girl)
It was a year ago
And I was shy,
I had nowhere to go
At the end of year
And something like a rain
Fell down from sky
But it was no rain
It was my tears
In next days n'weaks
I searched you & cried
I was getting still week
Ev'ry hour by hour
But I didn't explain
What happend - you lied?
Stayed just a pain
Crushed all what was our

               ..... continues


"Nasi planetu jsme nezdedili po nasich predcich...
                                        Vypujcili jsme si ji od nasich deti..."
(Zkus !! To je ma www stranka)

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