Posted By: Pegas (Depending on Her ...) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Last 'bout you ... II
Date:      Fri Feb 23 11:10:19 1996

Like a living dead
My mind slept in dark
I know I said
"Your heart is shark"
I felt no fine
All know it's true
But THIS is last line
I wrote 'bout you
Because next summer
Magic thing has happend
Which's fell like hammer
To sadness I had'ns
Her beauty, her sweet
Her tender voice
Beaten tears complete
Gave them no choice...
Neither large of ocean
Nor rising sum
Nor paradise's lotion
(I swear it isn't fun)

      is like HER kiss
      AND I HER MISS !!


"Nasi planetu jsme nezdedili po nasich predcich...
                                        Vypujcili jsme si ji od nasich deti..."
(Zkus !! To je ma www stranka)

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