Posted By: Pegas (Depending on Her ...) on 'Poetry'
Title:     To Zdenicka
Date:      Fri Feb 23 11:16:12 1996

29.12.1995       217.To Zdenicka
On one island
in dizzy lan
lived a little girl
lost in paradise
with chocolate eyes
and a brown-velvet curl
So beautiful and nice
but cast was dice
and in one sunny day
I just met her
it was somewhere
where sun doesn't go lay

Now I'm asking
to every people
(and I feel
that deep and deeper
I'm falling in one special feeling)
which wonder of worls
which gem or treasure
whichever word
which endless pleasure
which Chinese wall
or-and which car
can be equal
to Zdenicka?


"Nasi planetu jsme nezdedili po nasich predcich...
                                        Vypujcili jsme si ji od nasich deti..."
(Zkus !! To je ma www stranka)

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