Posted By: AK47 (Bryan) on 'Poetry'
Title:     :)
Date:      Sat Mar 30 12:06:07 1996


Mist forming in the predawn fog.

Trees creaking like a broken cog.

She wipes the dew from her tender face.

With all the elements of form and grace.

The dawn is yielding to the morn.

While a distant shepherd sounds his horn.

She slowly and gently opens her eyes.

The beauty of the day is no surprise.

The sound of songbirds to be heard.

The nearby whisper of a spoken word.

She slowly awakes from a lucid trance.

While remembering a long forgotten dance.

The faint vibration of the ground.

Is gently rising all around.

She quitely rises to her feet.

And into her eyes his gaze does meet.

As a delicate butterfly carelessly glides past.

The sound of crickets, over at last.

As they walk out of the meadow, hand in hand.

The fog of lucidity is lifted from the land.

                                Bryan K. Howard


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