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Title:     :)
Date:      Wed Apr  3 10:31:56 1996

Unselfish Verse

To gently stroke the parchment with your finest quill.

To delicately caress each word as if it was a long lost love.

Paying fine attention to each minute detail.

Slowly arousing each stanza to full bloom.

Tenderly pouring your sole into every couplet.

Softly awaking every word into gentile awareness.

Playfully teasing each quatrain to full ecstasy.

One does not merely write a poem.

One lovingly brings a poem to a fully expanded sense of awareness.

To slowly heat up every sonnet to a full crescendo.

To softly whisper each quatrain into the delicate ear of the reader.

Unselfishly pouring your heart into every line.

Each triplet being passionately aroused completely.

Every stanza embraced as if there was no tomorrow.

Taunting the reader with each and every word.

Playfully tugging at every rhyme.

One does not write a poem for oneself.

One writes a poem for the absolute satisfaction of its reader.

        Bryan K. Howard, 1996

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