Posted By: Pegas (We're eternal lovers) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Fragile thing
Date:      Wed Apr  3 17:35:03 1996

24.-29.3.1996     252.Fragile thing
The night now falls
A day went sleep
I hear your calls
That I can keep

The senses are blind
The brain's getting wild
Your face on my mind
You're woman, not child

We're going to mad
We are so high
Two bodies on bed
They're you and I

And all priests now cry
They cry: "No more!"
We're able to break
The highest score

But now we stop
That isn't our time
Although all say
That sex isn't crime

But love isn't drop
That you can whole drink
Or which you can spray;
It isn't such thing

It's magic
It's mystery
And the waiting -
- is victory!

"Nasi planetu jsme nezdedili po nasich predcich...
                                        Vypujcili jsme si ji od nasich deti..."
(Zkus !! To je ma www stranka)

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