Posted By: AK47 (Bryan) on 'Poetry'
Title:     :)
Date:      Mon Apr 15 20:29:11 1996

Children of Belfast.

Shell casings at their feet.

Playing hide and go seek.

While soldiers patrol their streets.

Children of Belfast.

Provos graffiti on their walls.

Playing army with toy guns.

While fathers, uncles, and brothers wage war in little back rooms.

Children of Belfast.

Armored lores rolling down their streets.

Little boys chasing little girls.

While men in black ski masks shoot at boys in uniform.

Children of Belfast.

SAS kicking down doors in ghetto apartments.

Kicking soccer balls off dirty curbs.

While busses burn on downtown streets.

Bryan K. Howard  3-7-96

The mysteries that lie deep within.
Shrouded by a soft tender exterior.
Elusively lying just out of reach.
Like honey protected by the sting of the bee.

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