Posted By: Pegas (We're eternal lovers) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Road to you
Date:      Tue Apr 16 12:44:46 1996

15.4.1996     Road to you
I'm going on road
on road to you
and tears of love
rains from the sky

Someone engraved a millions points
into black sky
with a small pin
and there's millions stars
like millions piece of my
shining mind
like millions rays
from your eyes
like millions words
I want to say about you
to describe your beauty
      But - there's no mouth
                   to say it...

"Nasi planetu jsme nezdedili po nasich predcich...
                                        Vypujcili jsme si ji od nasich deti..."
(Zkus !! To je ma www stranka)

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