Posted By: zip (Thinkin' of Vrnda :->) on 'Poetry'
Title:     weird thoughts sometimes come to my mind...
Date:      Thu Apr 18 12:21:19 1996

   When I look into your gleaming eyes,
   I tried to avoid the look,
   a kind of fear can be easily recognized,
   your peace is what I took.

   I've never wanted to hurt you,
   to make you feel happy is all I wanted,
   my selfish greedy soul grasped you,
   on my dirty conscience mischievous aims are painted.
   I brought you flowers.
   What did you feel first?
   I wanted to build towers,
   now into tears I burst.

   I cannot see smile on your lips.
   Am I the one who minders?
   Into the lake of tears my soul dips,
   I'm the one who still woders.

   Maybe it's just for someone else,
   I'm just a worn out friend,
   "I'll never leave you", is what everyone says,
   to you I still pretend.

   It sometimes happens for sheer spite,
   it's so easy to change into sorrowful specks in others' eyes,
   my arms open wide with coming night,
   there's a huge pain, I can see it rise.
            * * * * *

 With dedication to V.J., since I love her. I just hope, that this is never 
going to happen to us :))
...Kdyz pak rano nasli jeho telo, zeptal se vysetrujici komisar lekare 
provadejiciho ohledani zavrazdeneho:"A vrazedna zbran?" 
   Lekar s nepritomnym vyrazem ve tvari odpovedel:"Laska.."

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