Posted By: Dropaut (Godfather Of Sue & Alice) on 'Poetry'
Title:     The Conversation
Date:      Wed May 15 23:52:07 1996

     The Conversation

     A long leged woman with red hair
     Is it dream
     Or is she there?
     Softly whispering to my ear
     Silent words of love and fear

     She said:
     " I can take you for a ride
       Throught fog of loneliness
       Into my crying heart
       Where tears and sadness taking part
       Oh, why is life so hard? "

    "Oh, sweat beauty," I replied
    "Be my loyal guide
     In this night
     Be my light
     In this dreadful night" 
     She smiled:
    " I' m not beauty, don't be fool!"

    "Your eyes are the swimming pool
     And I am drowning!"

     She said:
     " Come to me 
       Throught my sorrow and destiny
       Where only
       My lonely
       Thoughts are free"

    "Oh, sweat beauty," I replied
     Be my loyal guide 
     In this dreadful night
     Be my bride
     Until the light
     Comes "

     She said:
       " Will you leave me?
         I'm afraid
         Can't you wait? "

    I gave her answer
    Heart was stone
    Was it my tongue?
    This strange moan:
         " I must leave you
           Please, don't scream!
           You should know
           All that is dream "

   I know, writing a poetry in English when you making mistakes is 
   foolish, but in English, rhymes comes easier to me. 


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