Posted By: Vulfila ( Tobak is the answer) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Scotty
Date:      Wed Oct  7 18:06:15 1998

   Snakes were once despised of beasts
   And unappreciated,
   They were not invited to the feasts,
   To eat alone were fated;
   But now a diff'rent brand of snake
   Does Cleopatra handle,
   For it feeds on tea and angel cake
   And knows the latest scandal.

   Some girls like them "big and strong"
   And some prefer them mental,
   But I'd rather listen all day long,
   When you grow sentimental;
   Your line is stocked with artifice
   And other people's humor,
   For you draw conclusions from a kiss
   And scandal from a rumor.

   FSF: One-Lump Percy

                                   Wit counts for me.

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