Posted By: Glaurung (Glaurung) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Tomb
Date:      Wed Nov 25 01:03:11 1998


Twisted into my own tears
I share one of your fears
Out of my dreams I walk asleep
Entombed I lie, awaited seed

In cold air flow black my remains
Dust spreads in cloud what rains
The blazing rings of tormented soul
Freezing streams take flaws of ghoul

There in the blackened heart
Dwells on of deadliest smart
Word cast upon your poor smile
The feeling you cannot hire

Centuries I've seen the Sun
Nowadays it hides on run
Eyes of mine thrust through your face dark
Killing the last of ancient joyful spark

Glaurung the dragon of Melkor

first of the dragons
evil as only being can be

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