Posted By: Glaurung (Glaurung) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Jewell Crown
Date:      Wed Nov 25 01:26:30 1998

Jewell Crown

I walk through the gardens hanging
Hand in hand with tears & laughing
Seeing the cruel ways
Hearing the mercyless fate
Pity the sadness
Remember your crimes
I walk through the veil of orchids
And in my mind burnt one of torches
Scream, scream, in the garden of Eden
Freeze, blaze, follow what is hidden
I smell the rot and pain and red death
I smile and plot all insane into breath
Killing the peace
I raised out breeze
And I swear my hate and curse all of them
Who my crown bear, cast them out as damned

Glaurung the dragon of Melkor

first of the dragons
evil as only being can be

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