Posted By: Glaurung (Glaurung) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Dying Scream
Date:      Wed Nov 25 01:40:45 1998

Dying Scream

Enter the blazing gates of infinite fire
Thou shalt hail to fallen ones, do admire
Scars on the dying Earth whipped by cold rains
Laughing dance on sword clipped from all pains

Sparkling waterfalls drop on my face
Darling of drops those by fluid haze
And I can feel all of the laughing over
I can see your smiles behind the corner

I'm sinking in the ocean of smiles
I'm drinking from the cup of skies
Clear am I,with joy and pride
From all the vastest dryness
Tear drops fall from my bride
dying, breathe the cry less:

"Bri'd a chloi'
 ann olme bhi'
 skenn myrre com ta
 elian dom ta
 fenyn cirt namma
 ghi'l sann feinianna
 elian dom ta..."

Glaurung the dragon of Melkor

first of the dragons
evil as only being can be

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