Posted By: Glaurung (Glaurung) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Dreams
Date:      Wed Nov 25 02:00:31 1998

I walk on these rocky shores
watching misty rolling waves
five great towers shade my eyes
as I feel grief that mine dries

Twilight of time
Towers of Twilight

Cobwebs melt with stone
hidden high up in a dome
there are feelings, love
find her healing and claw

I sit in the shadows
I fly over meadows
I shout over sea
who will it hear

Full of friends but alone
there I live without home
forests lure me into dream
but eyes, they sadly gleam

Twilight of time
Towers of Twilight

Despair torns my soul
tears are deeply foul
in this place of silent dream
totally forbidden is a scream

Now I leave, I can shed tears
they burn my skins like fears
sorrow overrun my face
so long held in laugh
I have done that pace
and fled before love

There are friends
there they remain
like battlefields
for never retain

Glaurung the dragon of Melkor

first of the dragons
evil as only being can be

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