Posted By: Glaurung (Glaurung) on 'Poetry'
Title:     Gore
Date:      Wed Nov 25 02:11:37 1998


Save your soul
And bathe in gore
You'll see no more
This cursed shore

Candles everywhere
And your dust mere
Silentio nunquam
Via lucis
You are whispering
In the very sad tone
Your eyes glistering
Sitting on mad throne

Darkness engulfing
The blazing streams
Filled with endorfine
Cannot hear screams

Split into dimensions
You scream devil's words
Great in depressions
Waves scatter your works

Moon turns into red eye
Foreign shore burns
As you stand last fight
Wind flows and hurls

Deep into your eyes
Out of opened mouth
Quake silences cries
Pulls running south

Burns in FIRE
WATER blows
out of TIME

Your body burned
Your cry freezed
Your mind torned
Thought squeezed

Flames raining from the sky
Burn your love, as you die
Your hopes crushed
But you still live
There, but smashed
Still you can feel

Your old thoughts vaporize
Strange kind of the entity
You watch a world baptized
Feel the touch of eternity

Glaurung the dragon of Melkor

first of the dragons
evil as only being can be

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